[via Locus Online] Time magazine, as part of their Person of the Year cover story, profiles #1 Amazon reviewer Harriet Klausner:

At 54, Klausner, a former librarian from Georgia, has posted more book reviews on Amazon.com than any other user–12,896, as of this writing, almost twice as many as her nearest competitor. That’s a book a day for 35 years.

Klausner isn’t paid to do this. She’s just, as she puts it, “a freaky kind of speed-reader.” In elementary school, her teacher was shocked when Klausner handed in a 31?2-hour reading-comprehension test in less than an hour. Now she goes through four to six books a day. “It’s incomprehensible to me that most people read only one book a week,” she says. “I don’t understand how anyone can read that slow.”

Un-be-lievable! Don’t get me started.

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