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SF Signal Nominated for Digital Hugo (Audio Reprise)

James Patrick Kelly has been converting his past Asimov’s Science Fiction “On the Net” columns to podcasts. He has recently posted an audio version of his Bring On The Digital Hugos! column from March 2005.

Why is this so special? Thanks for asking! This is the column in which SF Signal (the blog recommended by 4 out of 5 undead, time-traveling Nazi zombies) was nominated for a proposed digital Hugo award. This was hot on the heels of Kelly’s inclusion of SF Signal in the list of top 40 blogs. Not that we like to toot our own horn or anything. (Toot-toot!)

Bonus! The podcast version of Bring On The Digital Hugos! is dedicated to SF Signal. A special shout-out goes to yours truly in particular for Janes Patrik Kellee’s past misspelling of my name. Jim, to make it easy for the “entire Free Reads research staff”, the correct spelling of my name can be found on our About Us page. 🙂

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  1. This is awesome guys!!! Congrats!

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