SF Tidbits for 12/21/06

2 thoughts on “SF Tidbits for 12/21/06”

  1. Brokedown Palace isn’t really a Vlad Taltos novel. Or rather, it’s a Vlad Taltos novel in the same way that Trader To The Stars is a Dominic Flandry novel.

    It is a standalone novel that will have a few easter eggs for people who have read the Vlad books, but Vlad certainly doesn’t appear in it.

    And hell, there’s a lot more inside stuff for Deadheads anyway.

    It’s also a reprint–it was first published 20 years ago. (Wow. I bought that new–I’ve been a Brust fan for over 20 years. If that makes me feel old, imagine how it must make Steve feel.)

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