SF Tidbits for 12/28/06

3 thoughts on “SF Tidbits for 12/28/06”

  1. It seems to strange that they’re doing the Silver Surfer (and, presumably, Galactus) storyline for the second Fantastic Four movie. I mean, with the first FF movie, they tamed everything down and made as safe and mainstream a super-hero movie as you really could. I had no desire to see it.

    This time, it seems they’re aiming it straight as the comic book fans of the world. I don’t mind (and I’m certainly getting very interested in seeing this one) but it seems like an odd about-face to make, out of nowhere.

    In motion, in action, the Silver Surfer looks great.

  2. Holy crap the silver surfer……

    only thing cooler for sci fi comic books would be Alien Legion!

    or maybe Cobalt 60

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