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Amazon’s Secret 30-Day Price Guarantee

Shortly after learning about Amazon’s fluctuating prices comes this interesting secret of Price Protection from Slate‘s Amazon’s Secret Price Guarantee article:

Perhaps you are wondering: What 30-day price guarantee? Like Amazon’s customer-service number itself, the 30-day price guarantee is not something Amazon publicizes. For instance, it isn’t mentioned on the “Refunds” page. If you click here you’ll learn all about Amazon’s 30-day returns policy, which provides a full refund for most unopened items returned within 30 days. But that’s different from the 30-day price guarantee, which requires only that you pay attention to whether Amazon lowers its price within 30 days after you purchase your item. If it does, Amazon will refund you the difference. No need to box up your purchase or fret about receiving only a partial refund because you removed the plastic wrap.

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