I’m lovin’ our new HDTV, but one of the downsides is that I find myself flipping through HD shows that I normally wouldn’t bother with. Case in point: last night’s channel hopping led me to two episodes of the Showtime series Dead Like Me on the InHD HDNet channel. It’s a quirky black comedy about a bunch of dead people – modern grim reapers – charged with guiding the newly departed to the afterlife. It got a few laughs out of me and seemed like an interesting premise. The Scrubs-ending-like seriousness seems to add a little something to it.

Not being a Showtime subscriber, I hadn’t seen it before. I now know that the SciFi channel is airing it, but in edited format. (On InHD HDNet it aired without commercial interruption and unedited – curses and all.) I’ve only seen the two episodes and liked it in a Eureka kind of way.

Has anyone else seen this show? Is this worth my time? Showtime canceled it after two seasons and I’m wondering if I should take the time to rent the DVDs.

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