SF Tidbits for 1/30/07

4 thoughts on “SF Tidbits for 1/30/07”

  1. Twilight!? Oh, for God’s sake, Forever Knight meets Angel. Note, from the SciFi Wire page, “the central character contends with foes in the vampire world and a budding love for a mortal.”

    As to books costing too much, I disagree. The price cited, $28.00 for a hardcover, in 2006 dollars, equals slightly less than $5.00 in 1967 dollars. I use 1967 dollars because that’s the year I graduated from HS and started spending my own money on things like books. As I recall, $5-$6 is about right for a hardcover novel in that era. This compares with the current price of a paperback, mass market original for $8 2006 dollars being equal to about $1.40 in 1967 dollars. This also seems about right, given the respective average page counts. As I recall, the mid-60s marked the rise of the $1.25 and $1.50 mass market paperback. I still have a 1966 edition of Stranger In A Strange Land that cost 95 cents. Of course, that was when I was working as a gofer at Franks Nursery for 75 cents an hour.

  2. My problem is that while 1967 books prices have been translated into 2007 book prices, my salary has been translated from a 2003 range to a 1995 range.

    And they say time travel is impossible.


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