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UPDATED: Important Note for Hugo Voters!

Hello Hugo voters! I’ve been asked to convey the following information…

Patrick Nielson Hayden has pointed out some questionable content on this year’s Hugo Awards nomination ballot. Before filling out your ballot form, you may want to check that any potential issues have been resolved, perhaps with PNH’s blog.

1/16 UPDATE: Frank Wu has some more information.

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2 Comments on UPDATED: Important Note for Hugo Voters!

  1. Jim Shannon // January 16, 2007 at 3:25 pm //

    Aren’t the Hugo’s handed

    out at World Con?

    World Con is in Japan this

    year. Are there any Japanese

    Hugo nominee’s for 2007? I

    haven’t seen any on the Public


  2. The poorly-worded form to which this refers is the one for submitting the nominees.

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