Free Classic Science Fiction

The website Free Speculative Fiction Online has just added a batch of newly available fiction that you can read online for free. Check out this juicy list:

5 thoughts on “Free Classic Science Fiction”

  1. Many of these titles have been available (in multiple formats) at Project Gutenberg,, and others. Lots of good, legally available stuff out there.

    And let’s not forget the Free Library at the Webscriptions service of Baen Books. Current, in print books for free. Can’t beat that with a stick.


  2. Carl, many of those titles are downloads. You can read them on your PC or a PDA. Of course if that don’t work for you, if they are text files, you can print them out. If that still doesn’t work…there’s always and other OOP sources.

  3. I use spec fiction a lot. It really is a great service.

    And “go to the library” what? are you 90? what? yeah Library when

    I do research MAYBE but if I want CC material that is complete

    this place is just the deal. Now yes, some of the new material

    is excerpts – thats their choice. But I have written to many of

    the authors and asked if I can use their material in a non comercial

    read and get great responses. Cant do that at the library.

    Everyone should check this site out. There is something there for


    Paul WRFR lp/fm Beameup podcast

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