Of Princesses and Polls

Taking a cue from John C. Wright, SF Signal would like to promote The New Space Princess Movement!

And what better way to celebrate than with some stiff competition between midriff-baring space royalty? Ex astris, diaphragmata! [Thanks to My Elves Are Different for the slogan. – Ed.]

The rules are simple:

  1. The contestant must be a babe from the world of science fiction TV and film.
  2. The contestant must be a member of royalty.
  3. The contestant must bare her midriff.

After the jump you get to see the goods. Please…take your time, savor the beauty, and voice your opinion in next week’s poll , posted on Monday. (You may request others in the comments section of this post before Monday)

The contestants are…

Princess Aura from Flash Gordon (1936):

Princess Aura from Flash Gordon (1980) (Flash! Ahhh-ahhh!):

Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy (OK, so that’s pushing it. But it’s Barbarella!):

Princess Ardala from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:

Princess Leia from Star Wars:

Queen Amidala from Star Wars:

16 thoughts on “Of Princesses and Polls”

  1. Gonna have to go with Princess Leia on this one. When I watch Return of the Jedi today I think she is just as hot in that bikini as she was when I was seeing her in it as a pre-adolescent.

  2. While not nearly as buxom (yes, I can tell even with that blaster in the way) as the other contestants, but I have to go with Queen Amidala! :-@

  3. Tough call. Ordinarily, I’d have to vote for Barbarella over Leia, because honestly– Barbarella puts out. Nevertheless, we’re talking about princesses here, and Barbarella was most definitely NOT a princess in any sense of the word.

  4. Sexy Ardala for sure! Loved her in all her alluring costumes, like this one where she’s basically wearing a glorified bikini.

  5. Princess Aura from 1936. She was dangerous. The others are pretty, but the original Princess Aura had a nice slutty quality that made Dale Arden look like a wimp

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