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SF Tidbits for 2/1/07

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9 Comments on SF Tidbits for 2/1/07

  1. I can’t access the sci-fi movies because I’m in Korea. Why should that matter?

  2. Weird. Are you sure it’s because of location and not just that the site was offline when you tried to access it?

  3. What a horrible villains list. Where’s The Master? Or the big Planet of Evil from Fifth Element? The Strangers from Dark City were far creepier than Darth Vader, and Scorpius puts them all to shame? How quick would the Romulans surrender to His Shadow from Lexx?


  4. That TARDIS USB hub is great!

    I was in a used bookstore recently that separated fantasy and sci fi and I just didn’t like it, mostly because it isn’t what I’m used to. I had to keep jumping between sections looking for authors. The majority of books probably fall firmly in one category or the other but I found it interesting that there were some authors whose work I thought could be shelved in either section or both.

  5. Well, Jeff, I hated the 5th Element. Can’t say I’ve ever watched Dark City. And Lexx wasn’t a movie, as far as I know. These are simply my favorite villains from SciFi movies. Feel free to make your own.

  6. Jeff Patterson // February 1, 2007 at 1:20 pm //

    Lexx was four movies.

    And the Romulans weren’t really villains in any Trek films, were they?

  7. Jeff: The Romulans (and some references in that list of villiany) refer to their role and their actions in the last Star Trek movie, Star Trek Nemesis

  8. Oh. I thought the Roms were the victims in that film. Then again it was a narrative mess that left me confused.

    I just watched a Tomalok episode of TNG. As charming and smarmy as Kutsalas played him, the character just ain’t too bright, is he?

  9. Pretty sure, because the video screen said “this video cannot be accessed from your location” 🙂 I tried using anonymous, but the site just wouldn’t load at all.

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