The Fly Being Remade as…an Opera?

A remake of 1986’s The Fly is headed for the opera stage. You heard me. From The Orlando Sentinel:

Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore, Plácido Domingo and director David Cronenberg are forming an unlikely trio to create an unlikely opera — The Fly.

A co-production by the Theatre du Chatelet and Domingo’s Los Angeles Opera, The Fly will premiere in Paris on July 1, 2008, and open the Los Angeles Opera’s 2008-9 season Sept. 7, 2008. Domingo will conduct both runs.

This is exactly what science fiction needs to give it the class it deserves. And what better way than via an operatic version of a Cronenberg movie? I can’t wait to see Plácido Domingo vomit on some poor bastard’s stump just before he chows down. I bet Luciano Pavarotti is so jealous…

4 thoughts on “The Fly Being Remade as…an Opera?”

  1. I did the translation of Trent’s comment, courtesy of BabelFish: “Poor Brundlefly, is debated in the pain, languisce still for the love of a woman whom it wants to rigurgitare on, and has the larve with!” :O

    Holy Engrish, Batman!

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