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Top 12 Movies That Were Ahead of Their Time

Sorry fanboys, no Blade Runner. Based on technical and visual effects achievements, FirstShowing offers up the list:

Top 12 Movies That Were Ahead of Their Time

  • Psycho (1960)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
  • Jaws (1975)
  • Star Wars (1977)
  • Tron (1982)
  • WarGames (1983)
  • Terminator 2 (1991)
  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • The Fifth Element (1997)
  • Starship Troopers (1997)
  • Office Space (1999)
  • The Matrix (1999)
  • Metropolis (1927)
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4 Comments on Top 12 Movies That Were Ahead of Their Time

  1. Everytime I see one of these lists I want to drop everything and go watch all the movies. Fun list. I’m excited that the early buzz on 300 is so good.

  2. I can’t make any sense of this list. Fifth Element and not Bladerunner when the latter clearly influenced the former. I have no idea how Office Space or WarGames were ahead of their time. If Tron hadn’t been the first movie with computer effects, some other one would have. It’s not like there are a lot of Tron-esque movies around. The Last Starfighter was the first with a CG spaceship.

    Citizen Kane, Birth of a Nation, and Snow White were more ahead of their time than any movie on this list.

  3. I agree with Wake. The list makes very little sense. And Blade Runner not included because this list is based on visual achievement? That movie was made in 1982 and I’ve yet to see a movie more beautiful. CGI can’t touch those scale models.

  4. no alien or aliens, bah, this list is rubbish:T

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