Dear Hugo Voter,

We know it’s late and the deadline is a scant two days away, but there has recently been a groundswell to nominate SF Signal for a Hugo Award in the Best Fanzine category. (OK, so maybe it was more of mole hill than a groundswell. And by “mole hill”, we mean two or three people, some of whom might be related to us.) As you may imagine, we are ecstatic. In case you can’t imagine it, picture a bunch of middle-aged geeks running around in small circles doing something that resembles a chicken dance if that chicken were spastic and a danger to anyone nearby. It’s not pretty.

But why, you may be asking yourself, do we deserve such an honor? Well, we could bore you with long, detailed research reports that would most likely put you to sleep like they did us. But instead – and keeping in line with the short-attention-span culture of The Age of The Internets – we present…a list!


  1. James Patrick Kelly says we should be.
  2. John C. Wright thinks we’re the Matterhorn of Fame. (We concur.)
  3. We serve as a catalyst for Klausner-bashing.
  4. Three words: Forklift safety video!
  5. One of us has a brother who lives in Tokyo and could actually accept the award and, more importantly, stuff the ballot box.
  6. We started the Undead Time Travelling entity revolution, where “entity” includes Nazis and Green Bay Packers.
  7. Our high level of dedication sits somewhere between “Han Shot First” and “Someone set us up the bomb“.

So, if you could somehow see fit to include us on the ballot, we will continue to be the source of crunchy SF (and, yes, supermodels) that folks have come to expect. Also, we promise not to gloat at those “other” nominees. Well…most of them.

We’re just sayin’,

The SF Signal Team

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