The topic rolled into the science fiction and conflicts that would cross world boundaries. At this point, you are most likely thinking that this could be a deep thought provoking discussion regarding some of the great races and powers that have been discussed within the confines of a great number of books, movies and some television shows. You would also be wrong since the conflict in question was: Ewoks versus the Borg. That’s right those plucky little furballs that we all love to hate against the assimilation machine known as the Borg. So, the question is now out there – Ewoks versus the Borg, who would win?

Mike (who now receives my Star Wars Fanboy crown) speculated that Ewoks would win only if Chewbacca was involved since he was responsible for turning the battle for the rebels in Return of the Jedi, but who is to say. Personally, I felt that the whole situation would have been resolved by simply deforesting the planet and then burning it down. That’s how you handle problems of this nature.

And to further complicate matters, what if we throw the Sleestack from Land of the Lost into the mix and make it a Battle Royale for the next possible Undead Time Travelling Entity. So I leave it you, our gentle readers, who would win this battle.

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