Name That Action Figure!

Last weekend we tore out the stairs on our 30+ year-old house (and replaced them with oak. This was my wife’s idea. I would have saved the money for something much cooler, like a new high-end video card for my computer, or a few boxes of Confrontation miniatures.)

Among other things, we found some loose change dated from the 60’s and a sci-fi action figure. No one at home knew what the figure was, so I thought I’d post a picture of it.

Any guesses?

[See extended entry for photo… ]

Note that the stairs were carpeted, and probably have been carpeted multiple times over 30 years, so the figure could have been dropped in during any of the recarpets.

14 thoughts on “Name That Action Figure!”

  1. Here’s a wild guess, but considering the time frame, could it be Apollo from the original “Battlestar: Galactica”?

  2. My initial guess was BSG too, but that triangle logo on his chest just doesn’t look right. Not to mention, an image search turns up the old action figures from back in the 80’s and they don’t look like that.

  3. I’m thinking either an animated series or maybe it isn’t related to a series at all. There were plenty of toy lines that existed independent of television. Remember that the great joining really never happened until Star Wars (“A New Hope” for you second generation types), then you couldn’t swing a dead cat in a toy store without hitting a movie or TV series related action figure.

  4. I am going to go with Kahn from Star Trek II!!!!

    A co-worker says Alias Smith and Jones from the 70’s on TV….

    I still like Kahn. Looks more like a phaser in his belt and the communicator on the chest….

  5. I remember what the the original “Galactica” toy line looked like, and that’s definitely nothing from it.

    The hair almost makes me think Blake from “Blake’s 7,” but the triangle logo wouldn’t make sense for him, either.

    An incidental “Star Trek” character? “Planet of the Apes”? Something animated?

    Eyebrows like that should be remembered! :O

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