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Shatner vs. Shatner!

Boston Legal will seem like a bad Star Trek episode on April 3rd when Denny Crane (William Shatner) must come to terms with a face from the past: a 25-year-old William Shatner!

Through the magic of “television”, Boston Legal will use old footage of Shatner’s appearance from The Defender TV show and DS9-Tribble him into the episode.

It is not clear which of them will succeed in out-overacting the other.

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5 Comments on Shatner vs. Shatner!

  1. BL is an awesome show even if they have that far left holier-than-thou attitude often spouted, ad nauseum, by James Spader’s character who is so goddamn smug — someday, I hope to be able to be that smug too! What does this have to do with Sci-fi (other than the actors who used to be in Stargate, ST:TOS, ST:DS9, etc)? Absolutely nothing! I figure I’d post an off-topic comment since I haven’t done one lately!

  2. that’s ST: DS9!! Stupid smiley…

  3. Sure, Pete. Or should I say…DS9 fanboy. 😉

  4. Maybe it should have been “shatyans” instead of “kirkyans”.

    I look forward to the BL episode when it airs. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. If having a thing for hot babes with birthmarks down the side of their face and neck makes me a DS9 fanboy, then I’m one with a capital “PH!!!”

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