Today marks the opening of the new SF movie, The Last Mimzy. Of course, it’s a Hollywood-ized version of the classic short story, Mimsy Were The Borogroves, by Henry Knutter, which I found to be a bit creepy and disturbing. Aside from the luke warm reviews, the interesting thing to me is that my 10 year old actually said to me: “II want to see that!” He actually wants to go see something that is honest to goodness SF, for which I am surprised, but also somewhat excited. Finally, something SF that has attracted his attention, aside from Meet The Robinsons (which we’ll probably see just for the T-Rex), and its also a film I can actually take he and his brother to since it is rated PG, and a film where kids play a starring role.

Of course, it may suck rocks, but I bet my kids won’t care. And if he still likes it, I’ll get him to read the short story (looks at John’s bookshelf). Here is a nice trailer for you to observe:

Thanks to SciFiChick for the motivation to write this.

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