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REVIEW: Lurulu by Jack Vance

REVIEW SUMMARY: Finishes off the story begun with Ports of Call with the perfect ending.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Myron continues his trek about the galaxy meeting interesting people and having sometimes not so exciting adventures along the way.


PROS: Vance continues to be unafraid to write however he feels like and I believe the reader is rewarded for the non-traditional approach.

CONS: The back half of a book-split that shouldn’t have been done – the collection of this and the earlier book work best if read together.

BOTTOM LINE: Same as the previous novel: fun set of stories that chronicle the travels of a young man adrift in the big universe.

Lurulu is described by the denizens of Vance’s universe as a state of mind you will achieve when you obtain what it is you are looking for in life. Of course, this can be hard to figure out for most people, and it isn’t a surprise that the book continues to chronicle the crew of the Glicca and their travels in a way that demonstrates how each is making their way towards their own personal lurulu.

I don’t have a whole lot to add to this review that I didn’t state in the writing I did for the prequel. The book continues on exactly as that book started. The only major difference is that the ending to this book is the perfect ending that the previous one didn’t have. All told, you could do a lot worse that pickup the combined volume sometime this summer and spend a day or two reading it.

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