SF Tidbits for 4/17/07

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  1. Let alone “Tower of Glass” and others by Silverberg. Or “Dhalgren” and a ton of stuff by Delany. And much more!


  2. I’m trying to recall an old short story I thought was by Bradbury… Maybe you can help me?

    The setting was of course Mars, but Humans and Martians were coexisting. Come to find out, Martians have kept a great secret, they can see electricity, traveling through wires etc.. A human finds out and convinces a Martian to perform a specail procedure that allows him (the Human) to see electricity as well. The only catch being that the ability will only last a short time. The procedure is a success. The Human stares in wide eyed wonder at a world he has never really seen. Then it’s all over and his ability is lost. As I recall it ends rather badly with the human either going insane or killing himself.

    But I just can’t remember the title and I’m not 100% that it was Bradbury.

    It’s driving me crazy!!!



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