Summer 2007 Sci-Fi Movie Slate

Here are this year’s pack of summer genre-related movies opening in the U.S.:

(U.S. release dates shown)

I should also mention:

11 thoughts on “Summer 2007 Sci-Fi Movie Slate”

  1. Man….I need to get another job just to pay for the batch of movies.

    I’m looking forward to 1408. I always enjoyed the Stephen King short story. I hope the movie’s as good.

    And I have to see this second Fantastic Four movie to see what they do with the Silver Surfer. I mean, are we going to have Galactus? How on EARTH in a two hour film do you explain Silver Surfer, and Galactus, and all of that?

  2. I generally count movies like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man as sci-fi, moreso than I count them as anything else. Unless super-hero has become it’s own genre.

    What about zombie movies? Aren’t those traditionally sci-fi?

  3. Martian Child: I think that is going be one of those “based loosely” things. For example, changing the main character from being a single parent who is gay and is trying to adopt a child to being a single parent…well, doesn’t that kind of change the story in a major way?


  4. The impression I got from the book was that it was portrayed as a potential barrier to the adoption. Hollywood re-skinned it, I think. If so, they missed a major source for drama. Or, maybe they introduced some other barrier.

  5. Looks to me it was more likely John Cusack could get a new (female) love interest in the movie:

    “Crushed by the death of his fiancée, a writer (Cusack) adopts a 6-year-old boy in an effort to create a family. The boy, who desperately wants a father, is troubled by the idea that he’s from Mars.”

    Another summary:

    “…as a recently widowed science fiction writer who forms a unlikely family with a close friend (Amanda Peet) and a young boy…The new couple ignores some sage parenting advice…”

    Color me…skeptical.


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