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The Cold Equations Movie

Cogmios points out that America Free TV has a science fiction channel. This is the same stream we pointed out before (with a larger display), but seeing it again prompted me to check it out once more.

There was no indication as to what video was being streamed, but it looked intriguing enough. There was a trial scene done with flashbacks in which a pilot was delivering medical supplies. The importance of keeping the total cargo weight low was emphasized, since there is a direct correlation to the consumption of precious fuel. Hmmm…that sounded familiar. Then the pilot discovers a stowaway.


I was watching an adaptation of Tom Godwin’s superb short story, “The Cold Equations“. It looked like it might have been a Outer Limits episode. That was news to me. A Google later, I discovered that I was watching a 1996 made-for-TV movie version of the story. Cool! The acting was uneven and It ran a little long for the story, but damn, the central point of the story still rocks.

But here’s the kicker — it was filmed for the SciFi Channel. Funny, I don’t remember any wrestlers in the story… 🙂

I never even knew there was an adaptation. Actually, it turns out there were two others! One for the 1962 British anthology series Out of This World and one for the 1985-1989 revival of The Twilight Zone.

I wonder what other sf treasures are waiting out there?

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  1. I’d be tempted to watch it merely for the presence of Poppy Montgomery! 😉

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