On our way down the elevator after work today, Tim voiced a question that has been bugging me for a while now:

Why aren’t there more big time author book signings in Houston?

After all, Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. We have a very diverse population that includes many SF and F fans, so why don’t we see more signings? For instance, SF Signal favorite John Scalzi is currently on a book tour. Just look at some of the cities on tour: Half Moon Bay, Novi, Kokom. I mean, what the heck? I’m sure they are nice places, but I’m guessing the population of just our area of Houston has as many, if not more, people. So what is that determines a site for the tour? I know Austin, with the popular Bookpeople store, is a good place for a signing, and its only a couple of hours from Houston. So, if I were to have gone to Austin to see Neal Stephenson (which I did), its most likely I would go to see Scalzi (which I would), even if we’re talking a whole day trip.

So why not come to Houston? There are many areas that could easily host a signing, like The Woodlands or The Galleria just to name a few. All are much closer to us here at the big SFS, and we’d definitely go see our favorite authors (Tobias Buckell, Chris Roberson, Scalzi just to name a few). If anyone can shed some light on the apparently esoteric art of book signing tours, we would love to here from you!

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