Just when you thought Pottermania would finally die down after the release of the last book, come word that Warner Bros. and Universal will be opening a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando sometime during 2009. That’s right, a Potter theme park. As if seven books and seven movies isn’t enough, the llPotter cash cow will continue in the land of oranges and sunshine.

I’d assume that there will be a Hogwarts Castle a la Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyworld, and at least one rollercoaster will be themed to match Harry’s broomstick (either the Nimrod 2000 or the Rollercoaster of Puking, take your pick). I’m sure there will also be a Hogmeads food area and Quidditch field (pitch?). I’d like to be able to throw bludgers at animatronic Potters, that would be cool. I’m sure there are tons of things they will do.

But will people actually go? I’d say there will be an initial crush as people check out what the park is like, but to be successful long term, it will have to offer something more than just all Potter, all the time. Like rides, good ones, and lots of them. But then again, if the Lumos 2006 is any indication, there are already some over obsessive fans. Harry Potter pr0n? Yes, Potter slash fiction. Really. Let’s hope none of that makes it into the theme park. After all, the characters are kids for crying out loud. WTH?

So back on topic, I’m not sure whether to wish Warner Bros., Universal and Rowling success in their next money grubbing endeavor or not. I’m sure Rowling thinks it’ll be fun, and it could be. I’m just not sure how long lasting a Potter-themed park will be. I guess we’ll find out starting in two years.

Update: Alright, with more information coming in, via MuggleNet, I officially tone down my initial skepticism. It seems that The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter will be a themed area within Universal Studios Orlando. Aside from the areas mentioned at the website, no real word on what kind of attractions we can expect to see. But to stay in my curmudgeon role: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Is ‘wizarding’ even a word? Doesn’t really ro of the tongue does it?

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