A couple of weeks ago, John was all atwitter when he thought that a new hero was being introduced on Heroes to help fight Sylar (turns out it was an old hero, Molly Walker). I wonder how he’ll react to the news that new heroes will be introduced in the season finale?

Apparently, as Tim Kring has said before, each season is like a volume, telling one story. The next season, called Heroes: Generations (no word on whether Kirk dies in this season too), will focus more on the newcomer’s story. As a result, new characters will be added, and some old ones will be, uh, ‘removed’ (my word, not theirs). The rational is actually quite a good one, as Kring says:

The idea was that we wanted to make it easy for viewers to be able to come on in the second season. And we thought if we wrapped the show too tightly around itself so that you had to watch 23 episodes before, I would be harder for new viewer to find the show. And we always want to be a show that has the barrier of entry low enough so that new viewers can join if they want.

In other words, how to do a serialized show without being completely serial. I kinda like this idea as it makes it easier for the new viewers to get into the show without having to slog through the previous season(s). This was the crux of Scott’s comment on my previous LOST post: How do you get back into it? With Heroes, its not a big deal. In theory anyway, we’ll see how it actually works.

With that in mind, we get a glimpse that the season ending cliffhanger my be a bit different too. Rather than a ‘OMG! Who’s going to live???’ ending, I bet we get more of a ‘Where do they go from here?’ type. I’m interested to see how they do this and I hope season 2 does go down the toilet.

And it’s nice to see the ratings tick upwards a bit too, although they are down from the initial episodes. What confuses me are the people who want to watch Dancing With The Stars over other, better shows. Heck, The Bachelor beat out Heroes. What?

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