Don’t worry, that’s a good thing! ABC has confirmed that LOST will end, after three more seasons. The interesting thing is, each ‘season’ will be comprised of 16 episodes that will run straight through without interruption. This will alleviate the two month break the show went through this season, and, if the writers can keep it up, the show will be stronger for it.

I think one of the main reasons the show may have lost some viewers was a direct result of having no end date in sight. This forced the writers to vamp and stretch the reveals out as much as possible. Thinking this was another Twin Peaks, people bailed. However, LOST is not Twin Peaks. It is evident that there is a cohesive story behind it all, but the writers were shackled by the open ended stop date. Now, with a concrete date, the writers can concentrate on moving the story lines forward and giving us more info on what is going on.

If you’ve given up on the series after last season, or even after the first 6 episodes of this seasons, then you’ve missed some incredible shows. Since LOST returned from its break, its been giving us some great TV, with interesting stories along with some answers, while, of course, giving us more questions, which we know will be answered in the next 48 episodes. This weeks episode looks to be a winner, as we get to see the backstory for Ben. I’ve been really enjoying the heck out of it lately and I have to watch it as soon as I can get the kids in bed. LOST and Heroes are the only two shows that do that for me. If you liked LOST and have left, why not come back? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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