You may not know it, but the end of the world happens in 10 days… So says Steve Wilson at the webcomic My Elves are Different:

  • Blog Like It’s the End of the World (BLITEOTW) will take place on 13 June. That’s not any particular notable day or anniversary, except for the unlucky number.
  • The idea is that your posting for that day is written as if a zombie uprising were taking place around the world, including your home town.
  • You blog about how it’s effecting you, what you might witness, rumors or news that you hear, and so on.
  • Because it’s taking place worldwide almost simultaneously, it’s obviously a Romero-style zombiegeddon, where all the recently dead rise up, and are able to infect the living. (As opposed to a 28 Days Later-style plague).
  • If you’d like to participate, let Steve know in the post comments and he’ll post a link on his page. Otherwise on the day you can check Technorati for posts tagged ‘zombies’. Also: tag or label your blog posts ‘zombies’ so people can find them.
  • It’s a collaborative event, so the more you comment on other people’s posts, link to them from your blog, spread rumors and riff on ideas, the better!

If things seem wonky here on June 13th – wonkier than usual – that’d be because we’re participating. After all, who doesn’t love a good zombie uprising?

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