Caption Challenge #2: Cory Doctorow Edition

Well after a little photo manipulation by our crack team of humor specialists here at SFSignal, we have a shot of Mr. Doctorow in an appropriate pose for a Star Trek episode. I felt that we would be remiss if we did not poke a little fun and offer up a second caption challenge after the success of our previous endeavor (or lack of success depending on how you look at it.) So without further ado, I present Ensign Doctorow and be gentle folks.

13 thoughts on “Caption Challenge #2: Cory Doctorow Edition”

  1. “Hi, I am a no-talent clown who has achieved nowhere near the success of mainstream sci-fi authors, however because I cannot shut the hell up on the internet, other bloggers treat me as if I’m a big name in science fiction. Oh, and check out my awesome Apple tattoo.”

    Is that too long? How about:

    “Excuse me, which one of these buttons erases me from history?”

  2. “Ummm, excuse me, Captain? I know you’re busy trying to talk that sentient computer into destroying itself, but which one of these buttons lets me upload to Boing-Boing?”

  3. I’ve got three:

    1: “Life-forms….hap-py lit-tle life forms…”

    2: “I’m allergic to Retinox 5″

    3: “transmitting coordinates under Creative Commons Licence now, captain.”

  4. “Okay, all in favour of abandoning the peace mission to the Klingon Empire in favour of finding a good wi-fi connection so we blog our latest complaints about copyright, raise your hands!”

  5. “Why yes Captain, I am volunteering for an away mission.”

    “Why is everyone looking at me like that.”

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