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Friday YouTube: The Evil Sky High Trailer

Here’s a trailer for the family-friendly superhero movie Sky High…remixed as a thriller.

WARNING: Major spoilers shown – if you haven’t seen the movie and want to, look instead to the original Sky High trailer. Look at it anyway, it’s got Bruce Campbell’s “Sidekick” bit.

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3 Comments on Friday YouTube: The Evil Sky High Trailer

  1. I didn’t want to spoil the movie for myself so I watched the trailer. I can’t believe I’m actually considering watching that movie. You guys aren’t just pulling my leg now are you? The writing was pretty decent right?

  2. SKY HIGH is a funny, well-made movie. Great art, it ain’t, but it is not bad. It is cute, and you can watch it with your kids.

  3. It’s a good movie. Harmless fun for kids. Nothing you haven’t seen before, though.

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