Double Viking tells us why Real Men Love The Fifth Element and I couldn’t agree more. There was so much to like about that film that reading this article makes me want to pull out the DVD and watch it again. Read the article…it’s quite funny. (“Bruce Willis never gets knocked out, by anyone, ever. To see him get cold-cocked by f***ing Bilbo, of all people, is hysterical.”)

While Double Viking calls out individual characters (though inexplicably leaving out blue alien chick), I often note how every single character is just so over the top good. Whether through mannerisms, goofiness, appearance or inspired performance, there’s not a speaking character in the whole movie who isn’t notable.

I’m thinking this movie would go great with my HD TV. The BlueRay DVD came out this week but unfortunately I do not have a BlueRay player. I’m still pining over the special edition release from 2005. I thought Comcast was showing this in HD this month but it doesn’t appear on my Guide. Stupid guide. Maybe I need a “Mooltipass”.

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