The long, dark world nightmare is almost over. The Deathly Hallows releases in a little over twelve hours, P-Hour if you will (and no, John, that isn’t the time after lunch when you go to the bathroom). And people are already queuing up for the book. A queue. For a book. A book that has millions of copies already published.

The New York Times, not content to wait in any prole queue, obtained a copy from a respectable street vendor, and has already published a review. Rowling and company are not happy, even though there are no spoilers in the review. What I don’t understand is how the NYT review and ‘other events’ in the U.S. can be likened to the Boston Tea Party.

And you can also consider this post a reminder of the Harry Potter Outreach Program. If you are attending a midnight release party, why not take along some print outs of our list, available at the above link, and hand them out to prospective readers? The Christian Science Monitor wonders, “What’s next for Potter fans?“. Well, surprisingly enough, we have a list! And more suggestions in the comments! And if you do go to a release party, and if you take pictures, you can upload them to the Harry Potter Release Parties Flickr group. I’m just sayin’.

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