• Surprise! Michael is back on LOST, as announced at surprisingly influential Comic-Con 2007.
  • And pity the poor TV critics who feel that Comic-Con is stealing TV news thunder from the Television Critics Association press tour. Please stop whining. It’s clear that Comic-Con does more as far as promotion for TV shows than a press tour for critics.
  • If you’ve spent any time at the Heroes website, you know that NBC has a series of short comic ‘books’ that help flesh out the story. DC Comics will be releasing a hardcover version of those comics, sometime in the near future.
  • Rob Buckley, a UK journalist, offers his impressions of the upcoming Bionic Woman show. Supposedly a new version of the pilot will be screen at, yes, Comic-Con 2007. Maybe his feelings will change.
  • The News&Observer gives 4400 reasons to love summer TV. I keep hearing about how good The 4400 is, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe I should head on over to NetFlix. And I know Tim appreciates the Burn Notice plug.

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