Matthew Jarpe’s latest post about why he writes hard science fiction has me wondering about sf in general…

Why do people read science fiction? For that matter, why do people watch sci-fi film and TV?

For me, it’s the sense of wonder….imagining what could be (science fiction’s “What if?” question), wondering what’s out there and what could be achieved. It stokes my imagination like no other genre.

I like other elements of sf, too. Things like suspense, storytelling, writing style, etc., but these can be found in standard fiction as well as sf. But even here I like the spin that sf puts on it. Take The Resurrected Man by Sean Williams. The science-fictional matter transporter leads to some really interesting thought provoking questions about ethics, legal issues and philosophy. You could get thought-provoking in other genres, but sf makes it cool, too.

What about you?

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