Caption Challenge #4: John ScaLOLzi Edition

In my attempt to both show my true fanboy nature and still maintain a healthy sense of humor, I have taken it to task to find images across the web and then give readers a chance to offer up little quotes that would be appropriate for the image. In this case, I have been given a picture of a younger (and much more hairy) John Scalzi. I really enjoyed the books he has written up to this point, and he has a pretty good sense of humor (bacon cat anyone?). So with that, he becomes the target of the newest caption challenge.

The quote below the image is our weak attempt at LOLcat-speak. I know I am such a geek.

8 thoughts on “Caption Challenge #4: John ScaLOLzi Edition”

  1. (I agree Trent, my first thought was “I’m a shoe-in for a role on Full House!”)

    “I’m sure I can get paid to play video games – I just know it!”

  2. Dude! Tell me you got Maiden tickets!


    I can’t believe I got kicked out of Wham.

    or (I’m indecisive.)

    Just livin. L-I-V-I-N.

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