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The End of Infinity Plus

After 10 years, Infinity Plus, the science fiction website started by Keith Brooke (and later co-edited with Nick Gevers and then Paul Barnett) is calling it quits.

Infinity Plus was publishing free online fiction before it was in vogue. The website is also a great resource for insightful reviews and commentary. It’s sad to see it go, but thankfully the current website will remain available as an archive.

And they’re not going out with a whimper, but with a bang…check out this final lineup of content:

Also worth noting is that their 10 year run has seem the publication of 2 anthologies of the short fiction that has appeared there: Infinity Plus One and Infinity Plus Two. Orbit Solaris has just released an omnibus of those two antholgies called Infinity Plus: The Anthology.

Hats off to the folks behind Infinity Plus for a job well done!

[via Jason Erik Lundberg]

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  1. Just a small correction for you: the Infinty Plus anthology in stores this month is publiushed by SOLARIS.

    Yes, them again πŸ˜€

  2. :-$


    As a regular reader of Infinity Plus I was deeply saddened to hear of its hiatus and probable indefinite suspension. To me, Infinity Plus was one of those sites that never wavered in its quality, representation, depth of coverage or unbiased reviews. The variety it had to offer was always one its greatest attractions. Last year I remember Emerald City going the way of the Dodo and its loss pissed me off. Infinity Plus’ demise leaves me feeling like I have lost a good friend. Perhaps a different professional editor will be offered the chance give it the breath of life. It deserves to continue living.

  3. Whoops! Thanks for the correction, Marco.

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