After 10 years, Infinity Plus, the science fiction website started by Keith Brooke (and later co-edited with Nick Gevers and then Paul Barnett) is calling it quits.

Infinity Plus was publishing free online fiction before it was in vogue. The website is also a great resource for insightful reviews and commentary. It’s sad to see it go, but thankfully the current website will remain available as an archive.

And they’re not going out with a whimper, but with a bang…check out this final lineup of content:

Also worth noting is that their 10 year run has seem the publication of 2 anthologies of the short fiction that has appeared there: Infinity Plus One and Infinity Plus Two. Orbit Solaris has just released an omnibus of those two antholgies called Infinity Plus: The Anthology.

Hats off to the folks behind Infinity Plus for a job well done!

[via Jason Erik Lundberg]

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