I’m still lovin’ Doctor Who.

After a strong season two finish, I was waiting for season 3 to start and, so far (8 episodes in) I am not disappointed. Here’s why:

  • So far the episodes have a nice mixture of adventure, special effects and humor. And Daleks. (Why is it that a Time Lord is ever surprised to learn that they are once again not yet completely eliminated?) My daughter and I have enjoyed all the episodes so far. This is one show she actually looks forward to. I like to think it’s because of time spent with her old man instead of pig people and one-eyed squid heads.
  • In the “Runaway Bride” premiere, The Doctor was essentially flying solo. It was a nice break from the Doctor/sidekick formuala.
  • Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) is turning out to be a decent sidekick. She’s a tough, likabale female character – easily able to meet any situation.
  • It looks like they are trying to create a multi-episode story arc with the mysterious people who know about the Doctor and who are trying to track him via Martha’s mother. Insert ominous music here. Perhaps this will be this season’s “Lone Bad Wolf”?
  • In one episode (“Daleks in Manhattan” or “Evolution of the Daleks” – can’t recall), the writers made an effort (however brief) to show that the sonic screwdriver is not the Universal Fixxer-Upper Device by having the Doctor drop it beyond his reach. He had to find other means to foil the Daleks. Of course, Martha handed it back to him just before the episode ended. Welcome to equilibrium.
  • The show is still loads of campy fun and one of the few shows we keep watching every week. Unlike a certain other show I could name. (Ah-Aaaaah!)

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