• The fan produced Star Trek: New Voyages has announced the premiere date for their latest episode “World Enough And Time”, starring George Takei. The new episode will debut on Aug. 23rd, at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills. The are also running a contest where the winner will be flown in the see the premier and have dinner with Takei. Has anyone watched any of the New Voyages? I’m rather intrigued now.
  • J. Michael Straczynskl has taken over Amazon’s Unbox TV. Among other things, he lists standout episodes of Babylon 5 and he gives a selection of comics he has written.
  • Buddy TV has a short interview with Sam Waterson on his upcoming appearance on Masters Of Science Fiction. I could make a joke about the creator of Calvin and Hobbes appearing on a sci fi show, but it would suck so I won’t.
  • Speaking of Masters Of Science Fiction, AZ Central thinks the show is ‘buried treasure‘. It’s apparent ABC doesn’t think so, but we’ll get our chance to find out real soon. As in this Saturday.
  • Heroes The Series points us to an NBC contest where they are giving away copies of the forthcoming Heroes Season 1 DVD set. All you have to do is answer trivia questions about the show to potentially win.
  • In our look at ABC’s Fall Genre TV lineup I wondered about how good a show Pushing Daisies might be. Well, if the torrent pirates are correct, it will be a hit. Much like Heroes before it, the screener for Pushing Daisies is all over the torrent networks and is generating a lot of hype. How long will it be before the studios just cut out the middle man and allow viewers to watch and vote on all the pilots that were ordered? Just think of the positive press the first studio to do this will receive. [via Buddy TV]

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