• That explosion you heard last Saturday night was Masters Of Science Fiction tanking in the ratings. But then again, what did ABC expect after putting the show in that time slot and bad mouthing it as much as they did?
  • Amazon.com has a podcast with Joss Whedon where they discuss Firefly, Serenity and more.
  • Monsters and Critics has three streaming video clips for Sci Fi’s upcoming show Flash Gordon. Don’t forget, Flash airs this Friday night! I hear he’ll save everyone of us.
  • Speaking of Flash Gordon, Slice of Sci Fi has an interview with Karen Cliche, who plays the bounty hunter Baylin on Gordon.
  • Sci Fi Weekly has a review of Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex-Solid State Society. Whew.
  • TG Writer has a nice post about the best episodes of Trek. He names quite a number of decent episodes, but leaves out my favorite TNG episode, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

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