• Televisionista discusses the pilots with the most buzz among potential viewers. The winners? Bionic Woman and Cavemen. You decide how good that is…
  • To help you decide, Star Trek and Media Science Fiction Blog points us to some mixed reviews for Bionic Woman. Is anyone planing on watching this one?
  • The San Jose Mercury News has the critics’ take on the new fall shows. Is it surprising that it differs from the viewers?
  • TV Buddy tells us that Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell maybe headed to LOST to play one of the ‘boat people’. As long as they don’t pull a Nikki and Paolo this should be fine.
  • As we all learned from Yogurt, the way to success is ‘merchandising’! So it shouldn’t come as a shock that the Heroes merchandising onslaught is set to explode just in time for the second season. Seriously, who buys all this stuff?
  • NBC is going old school. I remember the networks broadcasting specials that highlighted the upcoming fall tv series. Now, NBC is resurrecting the idea on Sept. 8th to highlight their upcoming programs. Takes me back, it does.
  • TBO.com has an advance review of Sci Fi’s Flash Gordon (which premiers tonight, by the way). Without knowing the reviewer’s tastes, I can’t really tell whether a bad review means the show is really bad or not. Of course, my hopes aren’t that high to begin with. We’ll see tonight. (Ah-ah!)

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