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Tube Bits For 08/31/07

  • In advance of the premier of Chuck, NBC has created the Chuck’s Secret web site. There you can learn a bit more about the secrets that are accidentally downloaded into Chuck’s brain. I’m looking forward to this one. [via TV Squad]
  • NBC is continuing their use of the web to reach fans. This time they are parterning with News Corp. to create the YouTube rival, Hulu. Can it beat or even rival YouTube? Probably not.
  • Masi Oka recognizes that bittorrenting can be a good thing. I’m not surprised. He is a tech geek after all.
  • Mark Wilson at wonders whether to root for Flash Gordon or delight in its failure. I’d like for it to get better, but I don’t take any pleasure in how bad it is. It’s just seems to be par for the Sci Fi Channel course.
  • More YouTube goodness. This time, feast your eyes upon this trailer for a never produced 1999 show, Daena 1. It appears to be French and, once you get past the horrible acting, the actual setup sounds interesting. At least it has ships, in space, shooting at each other. We need more of that.
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4 Comments on Tube Bits For 08/31/07

  1. Spaceships. Outer space. Yeah. Based on the “sci-fi” they show on TV today, I almost forgot what sci-fi WAS. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. “That’s what I like to see, little things, hitting each other!”

  3. Maybe cus it’s almost 10 years old but the CG with live action looks really cartoony. It’s reminiscent of those old Command and Conquer intro videos not a TV show…

  4. Hi guys,

    first of all,Thanks for your comments.

    Daena 1 is 1999’s homemade work.

    Done with 2 PCs (P166 Mhz inside),

    Yes it was acting on green screen, but in only 2 hours by friends of us.

    We made our best, but we are not professional.

    Ambitious, perhaps presomptuous to think we can do like pro.

    i invite you to visit evolution of our work in DAENA 2, made in 2000.

    and the making of Daena 2, here:


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