Tube Bits For 09/01/07

  • Accordian Guy points us to Shaenon Garrity’s interpretation of “The Trouble With Tribbles”, done in the style of illustrator Edward Gorey.
  • It seems that the love affair between Heroes and Nissan will continue in season 2. Nissan will again be the sole automotive advertiser as they try to hawk their new mini-SUV, the Rogue.
  • From a survey, 55% of America’s South Asian population prefers to get their entertainment online than from anywhere else. This is a trend that I see continuing and spreading to include everyone. Sadly, the media companies today are not ready for this.
  • A new online broadcast channel launched yesterday, and will focus on science fiction and fantasy films. You can find them at Sci-Fi-London. You will need the Adobe Flash player installed to watch the films. Their awesome exclusive for this month? Done The Impossible, the documentary about Firefly fans. Sweet!
  • Speaking of Firefly, you can find a gallery of super cutie Jewel Staite here. Almost certainly SFW.

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