• Apparently, the DVD sales for Jericho are low. Maybe everyone is at home, trying to watch it when its broadcast, just like the network asked them to? I think CBS made the right decision in canceling the show to begin with, but a bunch of crazy fans convinced them there was a larger audience out there than there actually is. I don’t see this making it past its 7 episode trial. If you’re interested, there will be a live chat with executive producer Dan Shotz tonight 8pm EST on the show’s home page.
  • Buddy TV speculates on how LOST will end. I’m sure the series will wrap everything up, but how nicely?
  • In keeping with the Dr. Who theme around here, the Dr.’s assistant, Sarah Jane Smith, will get her own TV show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Elisabeth Sladen will reprise her role as Sarah Jane in this series aimed at the younger set.
  • Kevin Falls and Kevin McKidd, creator and star of Journeyman, held a press conference to discuss the show. We learn that the romantic dimensions of the show are the core of the story, and that any SF elements will be downplayed. Yeah, I’m out.
  • NEXT.TV announced an agreement with HP for a ‘revolutionary new Internet television service’ that enables users to ‘enjoy hit TV shows, movies, music videos, shorts, documentaries and much more’. Initially, only HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario PCs and notebooks running Vista will be able to access this ‘revolutionary’ IPTV service. But you can sign up for the beta if you wish. I don’t know how revolutionary this really is, as services like Joost and Babelgum are already doing this, and not tied to any one brand of computer.

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