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16 SF/F Authors with The Highest Number of Hugo and Nebula Award Wins

In a Rocky Mountain News profile of Connie Willis, the article mentions that the author has the distinction of being the writer with most Hugo and Nebula award wins.

I though it might be fun (because this is how science fiction geeks have fun) to see who followed her, based on this handy data from Locus Online. I found 15 other writers who received more than 5 wins.

Listed below are the 16 writers, the total number of Hugo and Nebula award wins they’ve earned, and the total number of Hugo and Nebula award nominations they’ve received.

  1. Connie Willis (15 wins, 36 nominations)
  2. Poul Anderson (10 wins, 27 nominations)
  3. Harlan Ellison (10 wins, 33 nominations)
  4. Joe Haldeman (10 wins, 16 nominations)
  5. Ursula K. Le Guin (10 wins, 37 nominations)
  6. Fritz Leiber (9 wins, 24 nominations)
  7. Robert Silverberg (9 wins, 46 nominations)
  8. Roger Zelazny (9 wins, 28 nominations)
  9. Lois McMaster Bujold (8 wins, 18 nominations)
  10. Isaac Asimov (7 wins, 14 nominations)
  11. Greg Bear (7 wins, 17 nominations)
  12. Arthur C. Clarke (6 wins, 9 nominations)
  13. George R. R. Martin (6 wins, 29 nominations)
  14. Larry Niven (6 wins, 27 nominations)
  15. Mike Resnick (6 wins, 35 nominations)
  16. Michael Swanwick (6 wins, 35 nominations)
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8 Comments on 16 SF/F Authors with The Highest Number of Hugo and Nebula Award Wins

  1. General X // October 30, 2007 at 4:07 am //

    Hmm, no Grandmaster. Surprising!

    Asimov and Clark are up there, and that is nice, but honestly??!!?

    Connie Willis???!!??!?

  2. It should probably be noted that the only reason Robert Heinlein isn’t on that list is that many of his works were published before the Hugo Award existed.

  3. General X // October 31, 2007 at 2:15 pm //

    I understand that, and he does have a couple, but I was pointing out that the Grandmaster is not there. And that Willis, while having written great books is not quite that good of a SF writer as the list, and the awards might indicate.

  4. I think it is interesting to look at this with just Novels (with all apologies to John who is holding the short story banner high!).

    1. Lois McMaster Bujold 6(4H, 2N)

    2. Robert Heinlein 5(5H)

    2. Joe Haldeman 5(2H, 3N)

    2. Ursula K. LeGuin 5(2H, 3N)

    5. Arthur C. Clarke 4 (2H, 2N)

    5. Greg Bear 4 (1H, 3N)

    5. Isaac Asimov 4(3H, 1N)

    5. Orson Scott Card 4 (2H, 2N)

    9. Connie Willis 3 (2H, 1N)

    9. David Brin 3 (2H, 1N)

    9. Kim Stanley Robinson 3 (2H, 1N)

    9. Roger Zelazny 3 (3H)

    9. Vernor Vinge 3 (3H)

    9. Vonda N. Mc?Intyre 3 (1H, 2N)

    I think this is accurate after a small glass of red vino.


  5. Awesome, Larry!

    I like looking at the data different ways offers such a variety of lists. Locus tracks the data for more awards than just the Hugo and Nebula, so the possibilities are endless. And it looks like your list somewhat addresses the concern about Heinlein voiced above.

  6. General X // November 1, 2007 at 4:39 am //

    It does, thank you.

  7. Barrie Gordon // December 15, 2008 at 5:27 pm //

    Well Connie Willis is the reason I started reading Sci-fi dry humor and fab research and a writting style that flows like a river. She is fab!!!! 

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