The other day John sent me an email to the effect of, “Alastair Reynolds has a new novel coming out, House of Suns…”, no doubt to taunt me with more Reynolds goodness. This got me to thinking: Reynolds is one author whose books I would buy regardless of storyline or critical reception. Iain Banks is another. I eagerly anticipate tearing into Matter when it comes out. Sadly, those are the only two who come immediately to mind.

Back in the day that wasn’t the case. There were several authors who I would buy whenever I saw a new book of theirs. Gregory Benford, David Brin, Iain Banks, Neil Stephenson and Dan Simmons. Of these, only Banks has held his place in my book acquiring. All the others have fallen off for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean I won’t read them, just that I’ll investigate a title more before I get it.

The question before you now is this: Which authors do you like so much that you’ll buy any book of theirs, regardless?

For those of you who must know why the above mentioned authors aren’t on my list any more, read on:

Benford – His concluding books to the Galactic Center series weren’t as good as the early ones. Different in tone and much less ‘cohesive’.

Brin – Again, his ‘concluding’ novels in the Uplift series were somewhat disappointing. Still good, just not up to par with Startide Rising and he apparently doesn’t want us to know what happens to the Streaker.

Stephenson – Like many, Snowcrash got me hooked on Stephenson. It took awhile for Diamond Age to grow on my, but it did, and I think Cryptonomicon is his best novel. I was eagerly looking forward to The Baroque Cycle, but, while admiring the sheer amount of information in it, I found Quicksilver to be overly long and I haven’t made an effort to read any of the others. Heck, we went to Austin to see him at a booksigning even.

Simmons – I really like his Hyperion Canton, even the later books. So I really dug into his Illium and Olympos novels. However, while full of really cool stuff, they didn’t really cover much new ground and did so in a form that could have used 100 or so less pages, each. Simmons is really on the fence, I might pick up his next SF book.

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