Caption Challenge #6: Dr. Stephen Hawking Edition

Never let it be said that I discriminate against anybody, and I feel that the caption challenge should be open to all sorts of folks including those in the science community. With that, we have a LEGO version of Dr. Stephen Hawking grabbed from the folks over at Argh!. I will admit that the image did get a giggle out of me, and for that I have some guilt until I realized that Dr. Hawking would probably get a kick out of this too. So I look forward to your witty quotes. Now if we could find a LEGO version of Dr. Michio Kaku then we would be set.

6 thoughts on “Caption Challenge #6: Dr. Stephen Hawking Edition”

  1. I may look like this but I have been on the Simpsons and Star Trek. So suck it!


    Marvel at my ever expanding awesomeness.


    you (pause) are (pause) all(pause) going(pause)(pause) to(pause) hell (pause)

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