Disney/Pixar’s Wall E

I’m probably the last person to realize that Disney/Pixar is working on a a new movie for next summer, called Wall E. Well, a new trailer has been released for your viewing pleasure. Take a look.

Even though Wall E himself looks like a cross between E.T. and Johnny 5, he is far cuter and more expressive in 60+ seconds than either of them. As a bonus, the plot is very SF oriented, concerning humanity leaving Earth and failing to return. It’s up to Wall E to help bring humanity back.

It looks like Pixar may be back on the ‘hit’ train, which seems to have left the station after The Incredibles. I’m now officially stoked to see this movie next June.

4 thoughts on “Disney/Pixar’s Wall E”

  1. I got chills, and not just because the AC won’t friggin’ stop blowing in my office.

    Dead on about the ET/Johnny 5 comparisons — I’ve already heard a few of them. This movie has aces written all over it. I’m a little saddened that this will probably be a little too intense to take the toddler to see.

    One thing for sure, this will mean lots of little robot toys for my geeky self.

  2. I’m more interested if Pixar can make ERB’s John Carter of Mars (Princess of Mars, etc.) fly. That film has had so many false starts–Disney way back when, even Ray Harryhausen, others–it would be nice to see if done **right**.

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