According to SyFy Portal, Sci Fi’s mini-movie Razor will be coming to the big screen, but only if you live in “one of the largest cities in the nation”. Let’s see: NY? Check. LA? Check. Chicago? Check. Houston?


First we’re hosed over on the book signing train, now Sci Fi screws us when it comes to showing Razor on the big screen. Perhaps they don’t realize Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S.? Perhaps they don’t realize Houston has a very cool group SF blog who would love to go see the movie? And we’re skipped over for Dallas??

Hey Sci Fi, the 80’s called, they want J.R. back, and they don’t even care who shot him. If you want to see if Razor will be in your city, you can go the special screening website, starting tomorrow, Oct. 26th and register for tickets. Thanks Sci Fi for giving us even more reason to hate on you.

But on more positive news, the special showing is sponsored by the Xbox 360 and the sure to be a massive hit science fiction game: Mass Effect. The 360 and Mass Effect, two great tastes that taste great together!

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