Three episodes into the new season of Heroes and I can’t seem to shake this love/hate relationship I have with the show. These episodes have done nothing to dispel my overall feeling of “good but not great” left over from Season 1.

Here’s why…


  • Episodes 1 and 2 were appealing. Episode 3 had Nikki. You do the math.
  • It is too soon for Sylar’s return. And he’s powerless? Did the writers finally realize that he (like Peter) was getting too damn powerful? Wasn’t there supposed to be some new bad guy this season?
  • Speaking of Peter (HEL-lo!), did he lose his intelligence along with his memory? Why not use his powers to take the identity box instead of committing a crime? Bah!
  • The Maya and Alejandro story: Bo-ring! Move it along, please. One way to redeem this story line: They arrive in America and kill Nikki!
  • Tim Kring should take a cue from the supposedly-inspirational comics and introduce some new powers. Do we really need another character with invulnerability and another flying character? C’mon!
  • Oh, did I say Heroes was inspired by comics? Because it’s beginning to play out like a soap opera: short, go-nowhere scenes ending in mini-cliffhangers that result in stories moving too slow.
  • And speaking of flying, someone please pass this along to the special effects department: in the scene where Claire is being flown through the sky by her creepy, horny classmate (who must also be invisible since nobody saw him fly up in the sky in broad daylight)…Claire’s flat @$$ (thanks to the blue screen method used to get the shot) is an FX killer. Not that I was looking, mind you.
  • The Hiro storyline is fairly predictable so far. Nice use of the time travel gimmick to have Hiro send a message to Ando in the sword, though.
  • The story of the “Original 9″ seems interesting, but also needs to get where its going. Who is the mysterious hooded figure? Given the tendency to cast Trek actors, I’m hoping (please oh please oh please) that it’s Shatner. You heard it here first.

BOTTOM LINE: Heroes is good, but not great. It’s overrated but watchable. It still annoys me but it’s good enough for me to keep watching anyway, and that’s all that matters. To the suits at NBC, that is.

See also: Heroes commentary and predictions from Jayme Lynn Blaschke. I love the reference to Maya and Alejandro being “south-of-the-border Wonder Twins”. Classic.

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