Online Game Based on Weber’s Honor Harrington

The website for Honorverse: The Online Game has just launched.

The game is based on David Weber’s Honor Harrington series of books and allows players to design and build space stations and fleets of ships, implement battle tactics, optionally set economic policies, and more. You can even create your own flags, insignia and national anthem.

The game itself is not due until the Fall of 2008. For now, check out the game’s trailer.

[Yet-another-h/t to Fred K.]

13 thoughts on “Online Game Based on Weber’s Honor Harrington”

  1. I hope they get a better trailer up soon, that one made me thing of The Last Starfighter, which is not a good thing when it comes to CGI (although a great thing when it comes to movies! :) )

  2. I have been waiting years for this. Honor Harrington is my favourite series of all time. Please take your time and do it right.

    And you’ll have me as a star nation forever.

    Do the star nations in the book exist for interaction in the game?

  3. :-S Yes I agree is it delayed or cancelled? Believe me I am very interested in the game as I have read all the books, and my now teenage sons have read all of them, even after Dad read them to them for bed time reading years ago. No Disney stuff, just space conquest and a six legged buzz saw named Nimitz. They especially loved the buzz saw. Doug.

  4. Read Off Armageddon Reef then picked up On Basilisk Station and am hooked!!! Can’t wait for a game to play too!

  5. I’m so sad, I cant seem to fire an email at these lagards (go archaic words!) to finish the game =(

    There contact info is apparently bogus cause Im getting failed messages out the ying-yang

  6. Does anyone have any “official” news? I am glad they revived the web site, but there is still no news there. And I tried to add my new email address to the mailing list, but only got an exception error. One would hope that the dirth of time spent on the web site was made up in game development, but I am not holding my breath. Anyone know of any other Honor game that can be played on line, or even on a local PC?

  7. Looks like a lot of vaporware from where I sit…personally, it sounds awesome, but it looks unlikely to go anywhere at this point. This might be one of those things that actually *could* motivate me to start an open source project!

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