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POLL RESULTS: Blade Runner “We Promise This is Really the Final Version This Time” DVD

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Ridley Scott’s ultimate version of Blade Runner is being released in December. Will you buy it?


(95 total votes)

Several comments this week:

“Why is there no: ‘Yes, I will most definitely download it from a favorite p2p site.’ Not that I would choose that you understand.” – General X

“I’ve bought it so many times already, what’s one more version?” – Fred Kiesche

“Too much versions, I’m bored. The wikipedia says it was seven different versions, and this one is the eighth!. I don’t want to play de game of buying ‘the ultimatest-ultimate version’. For me, it’s an abuse because they know the film is a ‘cult movie’ and they are taking advantage of this. It’s a good SF movie and that’s all. As I know, I have the first ultimate version. In 1992 this version was named ‘the director’s cut’. I’m not a collector and I don’t want to buy more versions of the same movie (And for me, it doesn’t matter if Mr. Rick Deckard was a replicant or not!)” – girotix

“One of my favorite movies of all time. Which is why I bought it when first released on DVD. Perfect in every way!!! I waited too long for Aliens and now am stuck with the over long, extended edition. I fell in love with these movies in the theater and that is how I want to watch them. JUST LIKE I DID IN THE THEATER… Please Hollywood, just stop! PS With HBO, SciFi, and various other outlets those ‘extras’ will be on some special at some point, or I can just netflix them and save myself $100…” – Bryan

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2 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Blade Runner “We Promise This is Really the Final Version This Time” DVD

  1. Wow, some heated opinions here. I agree though. Enough is enough. The only thing I’d like to see is the original version with the complete narration. I think the narrated version I saw was edited too, because Harrison narrated only at the beginning and maybe a bit at the end.

  2. Frankly, I’ve just been waiting for a remastered version that didn’t look and sound like crap. Even the “Director’s Cut” DVD had horrid video and lack luster sound.
    But it finally looks like they’re doing it right, so I’ll buy.

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